This app will soon be available for iOS and android devices

We are a group of enthusiastic collectors of Swiss Army knives, and for a long time we were desperately looking for a tool that would support us in our passion for collecting.

Since we couldn’t find such a tool, we decided to develop one ourselves. Fortunately, we are not only knife collectors but also software developers. In the past 6 months we have succeeded in developing a prototype that is currently in the test phase.

Chipmunk SAK is specially developed for collectors of Swiss Army knives. Hundreds of pocket knives have already been cataloged in the app, and many more will follow. It is a pleasure to exchange ideas with other fans, and nothing beats the feeling when you finally hold a long-awaited piece in your hands.

  • Browse thousands of models, sets and knives
  • search for knives with specific attributes (tools, material, color…)
  • find rare knives, specialruns and limited editions
  • manage your collection
  • edit quality, price and other attributes of your knives
  • find missing knives of your sets
  • calculate the current value of your collection
  • watch price developments
  • find fellow collectors in your area
  • create trading and wishlists
  • export your data

    Send me an email as soon as the app is available